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Gloss Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap

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Gloss Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap Specifications

Film: High-grade calendared polymeric vinyl film

Color: Midnight Purple

Finish: Gloss

Film Thickness: 3.7 - 4.1 mil ±2%

Adhesive Thickness: 1.6 mil ±2%

Adhesive: Low-Tack Solvent Acrylic

Protective Liner: PVC/PET Liner

Release Liner: Paper/Plastic Liner

Flammability: Self-Extinguishing

Air Release Channel: Bubble-free installation

Removable: Removable with heat gun

Application Method: Dry only

Post-Heat Temperature: 175℉ - 185℉ (79.5℃ - 85℃)

Recommended Installation Area Temperature: 70℉ - 80℉ (24℃ - 26.5℃)

Dimensional Stability: Shrinkage less than 4%

Tear Strength: 27.6 N/10mm

Peel Strength: 6.5N/25mm

Chemical Resistance: Resists most mild acids, mild alkalis, and salt

Indoor lifespan: 5 years when care instructions are followed

Outdoor lifespan: 3 years when care instructions are followed

Storage Period: Storage in a temperature range of 68℉ - 78℉ (20℃ - 26℃ ) with Relative Humidity of 50%, Indoor storage in original package and away from direct sunlight.

Vinyl Width (Standard): 5ft/ 60in/1.52m

Vinyl Length (Standard): 59ft/ 65yard/18m

Application Surface: Flat, simple, moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces.

Application Use: Automotive (cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, etc.), Watercraft (boats, yachts, etc.), Architectural, Laptops, Cell phones, Furniture.

features of Gloss Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap

Why Choose Gloss Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap

Imagine your vehicle cloaked in the enigmatic hue of Gloss Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap. This wrap infuses your car with a deep, alluring purple that exudes mystery and sophistication. The metallic sheen adds a subtle shimmer, giving the wrap a dynamic quality that catches the light beautifully, whether in the soft glow of twilight or the bright midday sun. The glossy finish enhances the rich, midnight purple tones, highlighting the vehicle's curves and contours and creating a captivating visual effect that turns heads wherever you go.

This isn't just a color—it's an experience. The deep, rich tones of midnight purple whisper sophistication, while the metallic sheen adds an ethereal glow, as if your vehicle were dipped in liquid twilight. The glossy finish magnifies every curve and contour, creating a dance of light and shadow that captures attention and ignites imaginations.

Features of Midnight Purple Gloss Metallic Vinyl Film


Midnight Purple Gloss Metallic Vinyl Film is made from high-grade polymeric vinyl and consists of 4 layers of construction of the vinyl film. It can last 5 years when properly maintained and provides long-term application and protection to your car.

UV Resistance

Our metallic glossy wrap can protect your vehicle's paint from UV rays and prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can cause paint to fade and peel off. Our wrap ensures your vehicle looks fresh and vibrant as time goes on.

Easy Application

Suitable for a variety of vehicle surfaces, its medium stretchability allows it to conform easily to the curves and contours of your vehicle, including bumpers, grilles, mirrors, fenders, and door handles.

Air-Release Channel

The Gloss Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wraps are equipped with air-release channels, which you can slide and reposition for perfect placement, preventing bubbles and wrinkles from appearing during installation and ensuring a smooth and seamless finish on any vehicle model. You can slide and reposition it for perfect placement.


Our vinyl film’s adhesive is solvent-based, repositionable, permanent adhesive that can be removed with heat gun without adhesive residue and damaging the original paint.

Versatile Application

Beyond vehicles, Midnight Purple Gloss Metallic Wraps can be used on motorcycles, boats, and even interior surfaces like dashboards and trim. The wrap can also be used for creative projects, such as wrapping electronics, furniture, and more.

Benefits of Gloss Metallic Car Wrap

Enhance Vehicle Appearance

Designed to offer a gloss-paint finish and a shimmering metallic effect, this Midnight Purple Wrap gives your vehicle a distinctive and stylish look and creates a dazzling display that enhances every curve and contour of your car.

Paint Protection

Our Gloss Metallic wraps are made from high-quality vinyl film, once wrapped on your vehicle, that can act as a protective layer to car paint against scratches, stone chips, and minor abrasions. It also shields the original paint from UV rays, preventing fading and discoloration over time.


Achieving a metallic paint effect through traditional paint can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Yeswrap's metallic vinyl wraps offer a more affordable and easy solution without spending tens of thousands of dollars to get a stunning look.

Resale Value

Cars that are well-maintained and uniquely packaged will be more attractive to buyers. By protecting the original paint underneath and keeping it in factory condition, a car wrap can help preserve the resale value of the vehicle.

Quick Installation

Applying a Glossy Metallic Vinyl Wrap is significantly quicker than a full paint job, meaning less downtime for your vehicle. Professional installers can often help you complete the wrap job within 2 days.

>>> NOTE

1. The color of the images shown here may vary depending on your screen settings or device. To accurately represent the product, we highly recommend checking the swatch's color or sample.

2. The same products, but if ordered separately, may come from different production batches, which may result in slightly different colors from your previous orders.

3. We will peel off the protective layer before shipment for orders less than 49ft film length to ensure the vinyl is suitable for shipping.

4. To minimize damage during transportation, we fit each roll with a sturdy core tube. If you have any questions after receiving the product, contact us immediately, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Wrap Size Chart

A simple guide to know how much vinyl to wrap your vehicle

Check this ultimate guide of vinyl wrap usage size when you decide to wrap your car but have no idea how much vinyl you need to order.

Vinyl Wrap Calculator

Here is a simple formula to calculate how much vinyl should be needed for your car.

The length of vinyl you need to have= The length of your car x 3 + 5’ to 15’  length of vinyl for bumpers and some scrap.

Car Wrap Calculator

Please enter the length of your vehicle in inches:


Note: Always purchase more to account for errors or wrong measurements.

How much vinyl wrap Needed to full wrap a Car?

If you need full wrap your car, that the vinyl wrap needs covers every square inch of the body, include the hood, doors, fenders, roof, decklid, and bumper covers. It sounds complicated, but don't worry, just look at car wrap size chart to figure out how many sizes you need to buy for your car.


2022 Audi A4 is 188” long,
(188″ x 3) + 10’
= 47’ + 10’
= 57’

The closest roll size is a 5’ x 60’ so purchase a 5ft x 60ft to full wrap Audi A4.

Vehicle Wrapping size chart

car wrapping size chart

Small Cars are recommended to order 50ft to 55ft of vinyl wraps

Examples of small cars:
-Mercedes C-class
-BMW 2 & 3 series
-Audi A3 & A4
-Cadillac CT4
-Honda Civic
-Hyundai Elantra
-Infiniti Q50
-Ford Focus
-Nissan Sentra
-Lexus IS & RC
-Toyota Corolla
-Subaru Impreza
-Tesla Model 3
-Volvo S60
-MINI Cooper
-Jaguar XE
-VW Jetta & Golf & GTI

Mid-Size Cars are recommended to order 60ft to 65ft of vinyl wraps

Examples of midsize cars:
-Acura TLX
-Audi A6
-BMW 5-Series
-Cadillac CT5
-Chevrolet Malibu
-Honda Accord
-Hyundai Sonata
-Jaguar XF
-Lexus ES
-Kia K5
-Nissan Altima
-Ford Mustang
-VW Passat

Fullsize Cars & SUVs are recommended to order 65ft to 75ft of vinyl wraps

Examples of full-size cars:
-Audi A7
-BMW 7-Series
-Chrysler 300
-Dodge Charger
-Genesis G90
-Lexus LS
-Mercedes-Benz S-Class
-Porsche Panamera
-Tesla Model S
-Toyota Avalon
Now browse our matte, gloss, chrome vinyl, and color shift car wrap to wrap your vehicle, If you want to customize your own vehicle appearance, check our gradient color vinyl and completely customize services. More than 200+ colors car wrap, available in blue, green, gray, red, pink, black, white, yellow, and more. 


We try to ship your order in the most economical, reliable and fastest method possible which means we use a variety of carriers and mail classes depending on your order and your location.

Shipping Range

The range reaches the United States of America, Canada, Australia, EU, and many other countries around the world. 

Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

All in-stock products are need 1-3 business days to process and will take 7-14 business days to deliver in general.

Custom orders are usually need within 5 to 10 business days to produce and will take 7-14 business days to deliver as well.

The delivery time frame is based on the best ESTIMATION. There are factors that can inevitably extend the shipping process, while we are always trying our best to fulfill orders in a timely manner, customs clearance, carrier’s transport conditions, weather conditions, global / regional public safety issues may still disturb the process. Feel free to contact us should any concerns arise. 


Once the order was shipped, we are unable to cancel your order.

Order Tracking

Most products are shipped via USPS, UPS or DHL depending on size with some large items shipped by private freight. Once your order ships, tracking details will be emailed to you.


All YesWrap statements, technical information and recommendations are based on tests believed to reliable but do not constitute a guarantee or warranty. All YesWrap products are sold with understanding that buyer has independently determined the suitability of products for its purpose.

YesWrap products are warranted to be free of defects in material for the period of shelf life. In case of product defects communicated in mentioned period, YesWrap will consider and determine the existence of the defect and further decide at its sole discretion, to either replace defective product without charge or compensate it with money in such amount, as YesWrap deems reasonable. This action is the exclusive right and only obligation of YesWrap.

This warranty does not cover the cases of normal wearing and transportation. In no event will YesWrap. be liable and responsible for labor, consequential damages, or incidental damages of any kind.

The goods are shipped on Incoterms DDU – Delivery Duty Unpaid. The payment for the goods doesn’t include taxes and duties. Please contact us if you need assistance in customs clearance.

Why Should You Wrap Your Vehicle?

  • Protect Car Paint

    The vinyl wrap covers your car’s original paintwork, it offers a level of protection. Once wrapped, your paint won’t be exposed to the sunlight, and the wrap will provide some protection against small knocks that might otherwise have damaged your paint.

  • To Be Special

    With a vinyl wrap, you can create one-of-a-kind finishes, in any color, or combination of colors. You may even want to use underlays to create the appearance of subtle embossed logos or text in the finish, and the only limit to your options is your imagination.

Why #Yeswrap

Yeswrap vinyl wraps are easy to apply and harmless for your original car paint, Yeswrap has over 200 variations of colors, textures and finishes such as Gloss, Matte, Chrome, Color Shift, especially offer customized vinyl wrap like gradient color car wrap and custom pattern.

We are committed to providing our customers, whether you're a
professional installer or DIYer, with the best quality products at the best prices.

Our Vinyl wrap is DIY friendly and easy to use. With the right conditions you can wrap your vehicle in your own home, change the entire look and feel of your vehicle!

  • Save Your Money

    We are the vinyl wrap manufacturer to retail direct to consumers. Offer the vinyl wrap at a lower initial cost to customer as there are no middle men.

  • Won't Damage Your Paint

    Everything from the adhesive to the vinyl material is crafted to be easy to use and be installed without the risk of damaging your car's paint.

  • Easily DIY Wrap

    The vinyl has good conformability and durability that stretchable enough with heat gun to wrap every edge and recessed area.

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Wholesale & Distribution

If you are a wrap shop, join our installer network, or you are looking for vinyl wrap manufactor/supplier, please contact us to get access to wholesale pricing, we offer additional support in terms of business cooperation and OEM/ODM service.

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