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What is Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap

Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap is a premium automotive wrap designed to emulate the elegant satin finish often seen on high-end vehicles. Unlike traditional glossy wraps, Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap offers a subdued sheen that adds a touch of understated elegance to your car's exterior.

Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap is made from high-quality flexible vinyl material with adhesive on the backside to help it stick to the vehicle's surface. When you want to change the color or restore the paint finish, you can easily remove the satin vinyl film without damaging the surface underneath.

Why Choose Satin Ceramic Wraps

Our Satin Vinyl Wraps are a stunning range of car wraps designed to elevate the look of your vehicle with a sleek and smooth satin finish. With our extensive color selection, including classic satin black and white shades and vibrant pink or Tiffany hues, you can find the perfect satin vinyl wrap to express your unique style.

Satin Finish

Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap provides a more muted and sophisticated look that gives your vehicle a luxurious appearance with a subtle sheen. The satin texture enhances the depth of colors, giving the vehicle's exterior a richer and more vibrant appearance. Whether you choose classic colors or opt for bold glacier blue hues, the satin finish adds a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

Durability and Protection

Not only do our satin vinyl wraps enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, but they also provide exceptional durability and protection. Made from high-quality materials, our satin wraps are resistant to scratches. It also provides UV protection, preventing the wrap and the underlying paint from fading or discoloring due to sun exposure, ensuring that your vehicle retains its fresh appearance.

Easy Installation and Removal

Installing our satin vinyl wraps is straightforward, whether you opt for professional installation or decide to tackle it yourself. These wraps adhere smoothly to your vehicle's surface, ensuring a seamless, bubble-free finish. When you're ready for a change or wish to return to the original paintwork, our stain wraps can be removed effortlessly, leaving no residue or damage to your vehicle's paint. This flexibility makes our wraps a practical and user-friendly choice for customizing and protecting your vehicle.


Unleash your creativity and personalize your vehicle with our Satin Vinyl Wraps. Choose from a diverse range of colors to match your unique style and make a striking statement on the road. Whether you prefer a satin black vinyl wrap for a sleek, understated look or a vibrant satin pink vinyl wrap to capture attention, our collection offers something for everyone.

At Yeswrap, we are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in delivering high-quality satin vinyl wraps that surpass expectations. Explore our Satin Vinyl Wraps today and unlock the limitless possibilities of transforming your vehicle with style and confidence.

Satin Calendered Vinyl Films Features

  • Bubble-Free Application: Our wraps feature air-release adhesives that guarantee a smooth, bubble-free finish during installation.
  • Durable and UV Stable: Built to last, our wraps are UV-resistant, ensuring they maintain their integrity and color even with prolonged outdoor exposure.
  • High-Performance Adhesion: Equipped with a robust, acrylic-based adhesive, our wraps provide dependable sticking power.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for vehicles, watercraft, and architectural applications, our wraps offer versatility and durability across different surfaces.

The Color of Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap

A satin wrap gives your car a distinctive new appearance, making it stand out on the road. Unlike the typical gloss or matte finishes, the satin finish offers a rare and unique look that attracts attention wherever you go. Our Military Green and Khaki Beige options are especially eye-catching, ensuring your vehicle never fails to impress with its distinctiveness. Moreover, the wrap is removable, cost-effective, and helps preserve your car's original color.

Satin Ceramic Military Green Wrap

tesla Satin Ceramic Military Green Vinyl Wrap

Satin Ceramic Beige Wrap

Satin Ceramic Beige Wrap

Satin Ceramic White Wrap

Model Y Satin Ceramic White Vinyl Wrap

Satin Ceramic Pink Wrap

Porsche Satin Ceramic Pink Vinyl Wrap

Satin Ceramic Glacier Blue Wrap

tesla Satin Ceramic Glacier Blue Vinyl Wrap

Satin Ceramic Black Wrap

tesla Satin Ceramic Black Vinyl Wrap

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap

The price of a Satin Ceramic Vinyl Wrap can vary based on your vehicle size. Yeswrap's high-quality satin ceramic wraps are less than $600 for enough material to cover a standard-sized car.

The cost of professional installation can range from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the complexity of the job, the size of the vehicle, and the professional's expertise. Professional installation is highly recommended to achieve the best results.


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