Vinyl Wrap for Mercedes-Benz

Vinyl Wrap for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz represents the highest level in the automotive industry and is synonymous with luxury and performance. As a beacon in the automotive industry, this prestigious brand sets the standard for automotive development. 

A car wrap is a thin, adhesive-backed vinyl film that can be applied to the exterior of a vehicle to change its appearance. Mercedes-Benz vinyl wrapping offers a stylish, protective, and cost-effective solution for enhancing the aesthetics of your car while protecting its paintwork from road debris and minor scratches.

Vinyl wraps have gained immense popularity among Mercedes-Benz owners who are looking to transform their vehicles' appearance without the permanence and cost of a paint job. This guide provides an in-depth look into the world of Mercedes-Benz car wraps, exploring the benefits, the type of wraps, and key factors to consider when selecting the best car wrap for your Mercedes-Benz.

mercedes purple vinyl film car wrapping

Why Should You Wrap Your Mercedes-Benz

Car wrap offers a unique way to change a vehicle's color without changing the original car paint. This is especially attractive to those who prefer to change the exterior of their Mercedes-Benz from time to time, providing a low-cost way to modify your cars.

Mercedes as a representative of luxury cars, and its price is high. Therefore, if the car paint is damaged, it must spend a lot of money to repair it. Vinyl film has the effect of protecting the original paint, protecting it from scratches and minor dents. By keeping the paint in good condition, you can make your Mercedes-Benz look like new. This will help maintain its resale value in the future.

The benefits of vinyl wrapping vehicles go far beyond repainting. First, the labor and vinyl materials cost much less than a paint job. Car wrapping is reversible and removable, and it offers an easy solution that allows you to refurbish the Mercedes look without hesitation, offering more creativity and customization flexibility.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Wrapping

Car wrapping offers several advantages, but it also has some drawbacks. Here are the key pros and cons to consider before wrapping your Mercedes-Benz​:


  • Versatility: Vinyl film has a wide range of colors and finishes, providing endless possibilities to customize your Mercedes.
  • Paint Protection: Vinyl wraps can protect the vehicle’s original paint from scratches, minor dents, and UV rays.
  • Reversibility: Car wraps can be removed without damaging the original paint, allowing you to change the appearance easily.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Mercedes wrap is generally more affordable than a full-paint job.


  • Durability: Vinyl wraps may require replacement after a few years, depending on exposure to environmental factors.
  • DIY Challenges: Self-wrapping your Mercedes can be tricky and may result in an unprofessional finish without proper training.
  • Limited Repairability: Once damaged, vinyl wraps are difficult to repair, often requiring the replacement of the affected section.

Understanding these pros and cons can help you decide whether vinyl wrapping is the right choice for your Mercedes-Benz.

How Much Vinyl Films To Wrap A Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, coupes, wagons, and roadsters, each of which differs from size to design. This may lead to confusion about how much vinyl will be needed to wrap the entire vehicle or just some parts of it. Don't worry, and we've taken care of that for you.

The best method to know how much material will be required to wrap your Mercedes is to measure the length of the vehicle, then multiply it by 3 and add 5ft to 15ft extra vinyl for errors.

Let's take the C 300 Sedan as an example:

The length of C 300 is 187 inches,

The vinyl film = (187 inches x 3) + 10ft.

So, according to the calculations, the Mercedes C 300 needs 57ft of vinyl wraps.

Still confused? Never mind, we have detailed the quantity required for each Mercedes model for you.

Mercedes Sedans

  • C-Class 
  • E-Class
  • EQE
  • EQS
  • S-Class
  • Maybach S-Class

You will need around 55 to 59ft of vinyl to wrap a Mercedes Sedan fully. As for S-Class and Maybach S-Class, 59 to 65ft is recommended.

Mercedes Coupe

  • CLA Coupe
  • CLE Coupe
  • AMG GT 4 Doors Coupe

Ordering 55 to 59ft of vinyl roll to wrap the coupe fully is advised.

Mercedes Convertibles & Roadsters

  • C-Class Cabriolet
  • E-Class Cabriolet
  • SL Roadsters

These smaller vehicle versions require much less vinyl; 49 to 55ft of vinyl film is enough.

Mercedes SUVs

  • GLA
  • GLB
  • GLC
  • GLC Coupe
  • EQB
  • GLE
  • GLE Coupe
  • G-Class
  • Maybach GLS

SUVs have larger sizes, and the amount of vinyl necessary to wrap the entire Mercedes SUV will be 59 to 75 feet. This estimate is based on the vehicle's size, features like spoilers, intricate body lines, and additional accessories also influence the amount of vinyl needed. For a more accurate figure, please contact us or use the vinyl wrap calculator.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Mercedes?

The cost of wrapping a Mercedes-Benz varies depending on several factors, such as the vehicle's size, the wrap's complexity, the type of vinyl used, whether the wrap is professionally installed or done as a DIY project, and the location. Generally, the cost can range from $5,000 to $8,000. The price can be higher if additional customization is involved, like unique designs or intricate patterns.

For Mercedes coupes and convertibles, less vinyl is used, and less labor is required, so the price factor for wrapping them will ultimately be cheaper. Larger SUVs, such as GLE and G-Class, will cost more.

The Best Vinyl Wraps For Mercedes

Metallic Vinyl

Metallic vinyl wrap is designed to dazzle with its subtle metal glimmer, creating an eye-catching effect when light falls on the surface. This type of wrap offers a metallic finish that complements a vehicle's design lines, providing a unique visual appeal. Among the popular options in this range are the matte metallic gray vinyl wrap, known for its understated shine, and the gloss metallic midnight purple vinyl wrap, which gives your Mercedes some mystery.

If you're considering wrapping your Mercedes-Benz in a distinctive shade of green, explore our Liquid Metallic Emerald Green range. These darker hues imbue a sense of depth and luxury, enhancing the vehicle's sleek contours. For those who want to make a bold statement, the Glitter Metallic white or black laser vinyl wrap turns your Mercedes into a stunning showpiece.  

Gloss Vinyl

Glossy vinyl wraps are a favorite among car enthusiasts for their ability to highlight a vehicle's sleek lines, contours, and distinctive features. These wraps offer a glossy finish that catches the light, providing a radiant sheen that enhances a vehicle's visual appeal. Liquid Metallic Silver and Gloss Crystal Gray are standout choices for Mercedes-Benz, adding striking vibrancy and sophistication to the vehicle's exterior. The Colorful Candy Volcano Gray wrap is another excellent option for those seeking a rich, deep color with a touch of shimmer.

For those who desire a wrap with a color-shifting effect, our White Gold vinyl wraps from the Chameleon series are ideal for a Mercedes. These wraps exhibit a subtle transformation under different lighting angles, shifting from white to gold, creating a captivating spectacle that draws the eyes of onlookers.  With gloss vinyl wraps, you get a dynamic finish emphasizing the vehicle's elegance while adding a unique twist to its appearance.

Matte Vinyl

To achieve a distinctive and intriguing appearance, Matte Black is a timeless choice for Mercedes, lending an air of mystery and guaranteeing heads will turn wherever you drive. Other captivating options include Matte Rose Gold, Matte Pink, and Matte Gray, each providing a unique depth and character. For a touch of individuality, consider Matte Military Green, which adds a unique twist to your ride, setting it apart from the ordinary. These matte vinyl wraps are designed to give your Mercedes a refined and understated presence on the road.

Mercedes-Benz Wraps Ideas

Mercedes-Benz E260 AMG Wrapped in Liquid Metallic Gray

Mercedes-Benz E260 AMG Wrapped in Liquid Metallic Gray Vinyl Film

Mercedes-Benz E300 Wrapped in High Gloss Black

Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG Wrapped in High Gloss Black

Mercedes-Benz E260 Wrapped in Matte Black

mercedes-benz E260 wrapped in matte black

Mercedes-Benz GLC43 Wrapped in Gloss Metallic Amethyst

Mercedes-benz glc 43 wrapped in gloss metallic amethyst vinyl wrap

Mercedes-Benz E-class AMG wrapped in Gloss Crystal Yellow

mercedes-benz E-class AMG wrapped in Gloss Crystal Yellow vinyl wrap

Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe wrapped in Gloss Metallic Black Rose

Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe wrapped in Gloss Metallic Black Rose Vinyl Wrap

Mercedes-Benz GLC wrapped in Rainbow Drift Black Red

Mercedes-Benz GLC wrapped in Chameleon Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl Wrap

Mercedes-Benz EQC wrapped in customized vinyl film

Mercedes-Benz S Class AMG wrapped in Gold Mirror Chrome

Mercedes-Benz S Class AMG wrapped in Gold Mirror Chrome

Mercedes-Benz Coupe wrapped in Gradient pink and black color

Mercedes-Benz Coupe wrapped in Gradient color
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