Silver Mirror Chrome Vinyl Wrapped On McLaren 650S

[vehicle Model]: McLaren 650S
[Typle of Vinyl]: Silver Mirror Chrome Vinyl
This silver vinyl is a glossy mirror chrome, which is a unique glamour finish, it's fashion apparel wrapped on McLaren.

The car wrap is a high-density vinyl film, it is mainly attached to the surface of the car body through polymer materials. It can change the color of your whole vehicle body or part of it, at the same time maintaining the original paint. 

Advantages of car wrap vinyl:
1. Under the premise of not changing the original car paint, you are allowed to change the color of the vehicle as you like.
2. Compared with car painting, the vinyl wrap film is environmentally friendly, and it's easy to construct, protecting the integrity of the vehicle.
3. The color option is more varied, and you can change it anytime.
4. If you want to restore the original paint, just peel off the film, it is easy to remove.

Yeswrap vinyl wraps are easy to apply and harmless for your original car paint, Yeswrap has over 200 variations of colors, textures and finishes such as Gloss, Matte, Chrome, Color Shift, especially offer customized vinyl wrap like gradient color car wrap and custom pattern.

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